What does optimal performance look like for construction? What about your company? What steps will ensure everyone is on the same page while working o...View Details

The Grit Needed for MEP

The MEP industry is full of grit but can it be used as a springboard for innovation? How can grit help lead to success in the industry? What should th...View Details

Join Todd for this exclusive interview episode unpacking the recently announced partnership between Autodesk, eVolve MEP and GTP Services to form a mo...View Details

Let’s face it, the world has changed over the last few months between remote work, zoom meetings, safety requirements and more. How is the COVID after...View Details

As a construction technologist, you know that your job comes with a unique set of difficulties and benefits. Can you pinpoint what those are? Do you f...View Details

As someone in the construction industry, you’re probably aware of the constant what-ifs that accompany you as you work. How does the impact of the unc...View Details

As someone in the construction industry, how do you see the adoption of innovation? Are you open to doing things differently, or do you prefer the way...View Details

As someone in ConTech, do you remember what inspired you to engage in this field? What makes you passionate about what you do, and what makes you cont...View Details

How big of impact does a healthy culture have on a company? What does healthy look like and how do you build that culture? Join host Todd and guest Ja...View Details

When you think of the word innovation, what comes to mind? Can some good come out of disruption, or have you always thought of change as a bad thing? ...View Details

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