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Cyber security is a massive part of being digitally agile. How secure is your data? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Phil Keeney as they discuss trend...View Details

Are you ignoring what is possible by not taking the time needed to understand perspectives? Join host Todd and guest Mike Buckiewicz as they talk thro...View Details

How can you take advantage of the moment others pull back from? Join host Todd and guest Dan Waldschmidt as they discuss the concept of “leveling up,”...View Details

Join host Todd and guest Michael Reuter as they discuss the biggest misconceptions about BIM Coordination, the latest trends in construction data, tak...View Details

Sometimes, you just have to earn the right to be heard by doing the work. Join host Todd and guest Steve King of eVolve MEP as they discuss the need f...View Details

With every new development in the construction industry, there’s always a certain amount of implementation and adaptation that must take place. Join h...View Details

What brings about a company’s success? Is it innovation? Adaptability? Collaboration? Or is a mix of all three? Join host Todd and guest Michael Glatt...View Details

What’s your appetite for technological change? Are you dynamic, static or a naysayer? How do you know? Join host Todd and guest Travis Althouse of Rev...View Details

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