Are the lines between construction and manufacturing starting to blur? What does that mean for you? Join host Todd and guest Gil Mayron as they discuss the ins and outs of 3D printing, the competition and dedication that goes into automation, recent shifts in perception in the industry, and more.

Gil Mayron is the Founder and CEO of Cobot Nation, Architects of Automation™. He is a pioneer of the consumer 3D Printing industry as the Founder and CEO of Botmill 3D, which manufactured and sold the first fully-assembled consumer 3D printers. Mr. Mayron continued to lead corporate development strategies for the consumer division at 3D Systems. He composed the first ever licensing deals involving 3D printing with Sony, Viacom, NBA, DreamWorks and many others.



  1. I really resonated with Gil’s line at the start of the show to create something out of chaos. Construction at times can seem an industry with chaos infused in the DNA. However, that just means there is a tremendous opportunity to innovate and make something incredible.
  2. If you don’t start automating tasks where needed now, your competitors will. Remember it is a journey and not as simple as flipping a switch for innovation. Don’t be one of those people that realizes they are in catch up mode and 2-3 years behind everyone else on the transformation path.
  3. Innovation must be paired with a logical path to get there. Take time to plan your innovation and be intentional.
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