Join host Todd and guest Sameer Merchant as they discuss the recent developments and “skyrocketing” tech adoption within Autodesk, how the industry has been reinventing itself over the years, the advent of Autodesk Bridge and how it relates to current workflows and software, and what sustainability will look like in the future of construction.

Sameer Merchant is the Head of Product Development for Autodesk Construction Solutions. He leads product development and delivery efforts for Autodesk’s site construction and preconstruction product portfolio, which includes BIM 360 and PlanGrid. Sameer joined Autodesk with the acquisition of PlanGrid, where he was vice president of engineering. Prior to joining PlanGrid, Sameer co-founded and was CTO at AdMarvel, a mobile advertising platform acquired by Opera Software in 2010. While at Opera, Merchant was Vice President of Mobile Commerce, where he started and grew the company’s mobile and data services businesses, managing a global team of more than 400 employees. Merchant began his career at VeriSign, setting up and leading engineering teams across three countries for several business units, including Public Key Infrastructure, Payment Services and Telecommunication Services. He and his team built massively scaled products that were used by Fortune 500 customers and partners including Adobe, Netscape and Microsoft.



  1. One of my mantra’s this year is down with silos. I was excited when I heard about Autodesk’s Bridge announcement because it plays right into my mantra. Making sure our technology and data points are connected and flowing seamlessly is mission critical into for us to create growth at scale.
  2. The illustration of the wave building momentum Sameer used when describing the tipping point when innovation becomes practical is a great one. Don’t be one of those people that realizes the wave has broken and passed them by without taking any action to ride the wave. There is a lot of innovative workflows and technologies in construction today. Be intentional to look at them and assess what makes the most sense for you.
  3. I agree with Sameer that “we owe it to each other” to streamline processes, reduce waste and drive to a more lean and sustainable construction industry. It will take all of us coming together to make strides. Connected data is one of the major lynchpins in this endeavor.
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