In your experience, does construction have a PR problem? What can be done to fix that problem? Join roundtable speakers Todd Weyandt, Travis Voss, Brandon Patterson, and Adam Davis as they take a closer look at each major facet of the industry and discuss target audiences, the need to share success and growth stories, whether we need to have a “massive PR campaign,” and embracing both success and failures.

Travis Voss is a Leader of Innovative Technology at Helm Mechanical. He uses his background in the tech field to explore, adapt, and perhaps develop technologies and workflows for the construction industry as it is thrust into its digital transformation. Helping Mechanical, Inc. stay on the cutting edge.

Adam Davis is a Virtual Design Construction Manager at Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc. His specialties include developing and mentoring talented individuals in creating innovation in construction; modeling, virtual design and construction using AutoCAD/Revit, Navisworks; Compressor Station construction, oil and gas, fabrication, pre-fabrication, and Trimble; and Enterprise, Project, and Model-Coordinated scheduling.

Brandon Patterson was Iowa born and raised with a history in the Building Industry. He enjoys working with the Iowa Skilled Trades Team and collaborating with the industry leaders to build the next generation of tradesmen and women.

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